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Terminal Operations

About us

 The company was incorporated on the 17th of March, 2000 as a limited liability company to carry on the business inter alia marine services with an area of specialization in Tandem Mooring, Single Bouy Mooring, Ship to Ship, and Ship to rig operations.

We have dedicated team of highly trained and professional master mariners collectively offering over 25 years of marine related experience.

Our services are predicated on result oriented and driven by experience from training gained over the years by the promoters of the company, Nigeria Government Agency in respect of port matters and pilotage in the NIGERIAN PORTS AUTHORITY.


Our values as a company is based on Expertise, Integrity and reliability.


Our office teams and our superinterdents have all been carefully picked for their experience and known operating standards. They are subject to a strict pass out procedure and are audited on a regular basis.


We have experience of working in a wide range of different regions and conditions in terminal/Ship to ship operations that is, we can work under any atmosphere any time and anywhere.


The vision of the company as the first indigenous Mooring master company which specializes in FPSO, FSO, SBM, Ship to Ship (STS) and Ship broker operations in Nigeria is to render services to the stakeholders in the Marine industry with value, comfort and convenience from the wealth of our experience